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Serafini Asia Pacific

Known as the city of skyscrapers for architects Hong Kong was the perfect choice for the business development of the serafini brand. With several projects running in Asia Pacific, the continuous brand expansion of serafini has been a success story.

Hong Kong the perfect choice for Serafini's business

Hong Kong provides the platform for the business development in Asia Pacific and therefore became the base for Serafini Asia Pacific Ltd in 2008.

Asia Pacific Business Development

The Asia Pacific Region is by far one of the fastest growing markets in the world and one of the key development areas for the Serafini Group.

Serafini Asia Pacific Ltd, founded in Hong Kong 2008

Serafini Asia Pacifc Ltd. started its business in Wyndham Street, Central in 2008. Perfectly located in the business center of Hong Kong.

If your business is located in Asia Pacific and you look for a reliable partner for your interior concepts for retail business or for architectural projects then simply get in touch with us. We are always looking forward to getting to know you.